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Senior Match has been in the online dating industry since 2001 so no wonder it consistently shows up among the lists of top senior dating websites for singles over 50. To register, members need to be at least 50 years old, so that does allow for a certain amount of consistency in the membership pool. There is no question the site is focused on romantic relationships of varying degrees but members may also utilize Senior Match to look for friendships and activity partners.

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Setting up an account is fairly simple and only takes about five minutes. You enter some basic information about yourself such as age, location, height, age, gender, and then you have to provide three additional profile descriptions (a catchy headline, about me, and about my match) with 50 word minimums. Then the site verifies your email and you can pretty much get started looking at potential matches. You do not even need to provide photos at first in order to get your account set up.

And of course you are able to link your Facebook account to register, so that would save time in uploading any photos.


It may be surprising but Senior Match, despite having been around for almost 20 years, still does not seem to have a mobile app! However, there is a mobile web version available and it’s fairly straightforward. It features a Moments tab, which does not appear to be on the web version, but resembles a social media feed from various members posting photos or random thoughts and phrases on the type of person they are or that they are looking for.

Under the Contacts tab is where you can see what members have viewed your profile, winked at you, f”ave’d” you, as well as the profiles may have viewed and saved. This is comparable to the My Lists tab on the web version, but lacking some of the other categories, such as who may have “liked” your photo.

With the mobile version, you also are unable to view some of the Community functions, such as the list of members’ blogs or the first date idea social feed, though I suppose the Moments tab can serve a similar purpose.

Design & Usability

Senior Match is quite easy to use, especially since it takes very little time to set up an account and also do a search. However, visually, especially due to the font and formatting of the graphics and text, the site still resembles something that was created in the mid 2000s and has not been updated in quite some time.

As with most of these types of membership sites, Senior Match is constantly prodding you to upgrade to a premium membership. One of the things that a premium membership enables you to do is conduct advanced searches for matches, for example, using keywords or zip code and city. That would honestly save a lot of time filtering through a search that may result in over 500 entries. Having the premium membership may also be important to those who wish to browse profiles secretly as well as those who want to take the initiative and send a message to other members rather than just respond to messages sent to them.

Special Features

Some of the Community features that you will find only the desktop version could be fun as they include member forums and members talking about their first date ideas, sorted by category. But the volume of posts on these are high so you would really have to spend some time digging around when you could just be filtering through your various search results.

Senior Match also has a function called Reverse Matches that is only available if you have a premium membership plan, where it will search for other members with profiles similar to yours.


Being one of the top dating sites for singles over 50, Senior Match is a great place to start for any seniors wanting to try online dating, or even just trying to establish some other connections online. There is a large membership so the quantity is there, but you really need to upgrade your membership if you want to be able to filter and not pore through hundreds of profiles.

The site also has a lot of social features, which unless you want to spend a lot of time browsing through it, seems a little unnecessary and may end up feeling overwhelming.

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