5 Dating Tips for Widows and Widowers

Experiencing loss is something that will forever be etched on your mind. Losing your significant other leaves you hurt and broken, hence thinking about dating again might sound overwhelming and unthinkable. Certain individuals make the decision of never getting into another relationship, while others decide on giving love one more try. A lot of the times, people are in a hurry to find a replacement for that loved one, mostly to move on from the hurt and fix their feelings. Indeed, it is not an easy journey to find love again after a loss like that.

widow and widower

However, everyone deserves happiness, and if finding love again is going to make them happy then they should embrace this feeling. Everyone handles grief their own way and there is no specific time when one is ready to jump back into the dating pool. It is up to you to decide if you are ready or not, hence the only way to find that out is to test the water when it comes to dating. But how can you know when you are ready? And what should be the next step once you do get ready to date again? Worry not! Here are five tips that will surely help you once you decide to jump back into the dating world.

1. It Is Alright To Feel Guilty At First

Once you do start dating, a certain feeling of guilt might hang over your head. You might feel like a cheater who’s cheating on their ex. Plus, you might experience feelings of embarrassment if you tell your and your ex’s mutual friends that you are starting to date again. However, these feelings are normal and should not demotivate you from dating again. It is not wrong wanting to move on and jump back into dating; also it is your right. After a couple of dates, this guilty feeling will eventually go away. But if it doesn’t, then it is best to wait a little bit longer before you give dating a try again.

2. Choose The Right Reasons For Wanting To Date Again

Before you start, ask yourself why do you want to date again. It is better to know why you want to do it instead of deciding rashly. It is alright if one of those reasons is loneliness and need of a company. A lot of single individuals date for these very reasons as well. However, make sure that you are not trying to fill the void that was left in your heart after you lost your significant other. Go into this decision with a fresh mindset, and not trying to replicate what you had in the past.

3. Date Only When You Feel Like You Are Ready

Grief does not come with a timeline, and everyone handles grief their own way. When it comes to losing a spouse, it can take months or even a couple of years before you feel ready to date again. Do not let other people dictate when you should start dating, or when the right moment has arrived. On the other hand, you might find it difficult to know the right time when you are ready. Hence, the best way to know is to go on a date and see how you feel afterwards.

4. You Are Not Replacing Your Ex

Absolutely no one can be the same as your significant other. You had a special relationship with that person and that’s a fact. Hence, do not look for someone to replace your ex, and instead treasure the memories you already made with them. When it comes to dating someone new, be ready to meet someone who might be the complete opposite of your ex, yet at the same time be compatible with you.

5. Always Be Yourself

This whole process of dating might be difficult, because you might feel like a piece of your identity got lost once your significant other passed away. However, hiding it will just make dating miserable and awkward for both you and the new person you are dating. Therefore, it is always best to be confident and comfortable in yourself. Not only will your self-esteem get boosted, you will look more attractive and appealing to any potential partners.

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