Best Widows and Widowers Dating Sites

Losing a loved one can be the hardest thing we go through in life. But now that you’ve decided to move on, where can you find love again? Dating as a widow or widower can be a real challenge. Finding someone to love as much as your departed loved one is difficult enough, but finding someone who can sympathise and respect the experience is next to impossible. Fortunately, there is hope out there for widows and widowers out there. There are several dating apps out there specifically for widow dating. We’ve compiled a list of the best sites and apps out there for you to begin your journey anew.


Coming in at the top of our list, Senior Match is a sight specifically tailored for singles aged 45 and older. Since 2001 it has been helping mature singles find new life partners. In addition to relationships, Senior Match is also known as a good place to meet new friends, travel buddies, activity partners, and more. It offers free sign up, and a decent amount of features for non-premium members. It has about a 60/40 ratio of women to men, and is mostly comprised of widows and widowers or divorcees.

senior match
As it is comprised of a more mature community, finding someone interested in a long term serious relationship is much more likely. Most folks on Senior Match know exactly what they want in a partner, and are not interested in dating casually. Most members are also experienced with relationships, meaning they have been in long term commitments before, and likely have also experienced being a widow or widower.

Senior Match boasts a user base of around 260,000 from the United States alone, with about 10,000 of those being active on a regular basis. They have a quick and easy registration process where you can either sign up through Facebook or your email. A quality personal photo is also required during sign up, so have one ready! Senior Match puts customer privacy and honesty as a top priority, and quickly shuts down spam and fake accounts. This means that whomever you speak to on Senior Match is a real person also looking for another chance to love.

Senior Match has released a mobile app on Android and Apple, and has optimized their site for mobile phones. It is easy to use anytime, any place.


Taking the final spot in our top 5 is MillionaireMatch. This site caters specifically to wealthier members who are looking for someone interested in a serious relationship, and not a partner’s wealth. As this service is based on wealth, most of the membership is more mature in age, making it a perfect place for widows to meet widowers.


MillionaireMatch has worked hard since its inception in 2001 to craft and maintain a reputation of trust and genuine interactions. Their staff works hard to maintain the culture equals, avoiding any instances of a sugar daddy/baby relationship. Each profile goes through a strict validation process to ensure every member is real and looking for a long term, equal relationship. The site offers a quick 7-10 minute signup process that can be completed via Facebook or personal email. Profiles are generally approved within 2-24 hours of creation by MillionaireMatch staff to weed out spam and potential fake profiles. Because of this, everyone you meet on the site is real.

To foster genuine interactions, MillionaireMatch limits some communication interaction. For example, each user is limited to 50 winks each day, and only premium members can send messages. Free users can still interact, and respond to messages, but most of the initiation is reserved for those with a subscription. As it is a more exclusive service, membership subscriptions are typically higher than other sites, ranging from $40-$70/month. MillionaireMatch also offers a mobile app available on Android and IOS. However, the app has been reported to be buggy and suffers from less than stellar usability. The actual website, however, has excellent reviews and usability, with high rated profiles and interaction capabilities.


Our 4th place selection is the popular dating site, Match has been around since 1995, and holds the place as the longest lasting dating site in the United States. It has crafted and maintained a strong international reputation as a safe and trustworthy platform for singles seeking short-term and long-term relationships. Match has a place for just about every type of person looking for a relationship. Their detailed questionnaire helps to establish your preferences and allows for searches and recommendations to narrow the field. This feature is perfect for widows and widowers to find each other and begin the healing process.

Match has one of the largest global user bases with over 15 million active users. The also boast one of the most even gender ratios with a 49/51 ratio of men to women. They offer a simple and free signup process that can be done through Facebook or personal email. The free service allows you to search for other singles based on your preferences. You can also send likes and winks with the free service, as well as utilize their mobile app. To actually message someone though, you have to sign up for a three, six, or twelve month membership plan. Each plan set has a different price point, but none are more than $30/month. They also frequently offer sign on discounts and other incentives.

Match’s extensive user base allows for anyone to find what they are looking for in a partner. While not specifically geared toward the demographic, Match is an excellent place for widows and widowers to find each other and start dating.


Coming in fourth is Widows or Widowers, a dating service and support community specifically designed for both widows and widowers. Launched in 2004, Widows or Widowers is the longest running dating site specifically for widows and widowers. Founder Annie Hunte originally created the site after she became a widow, and had difficulty finding someone who understood the challenges she was facing. Her goal was to help others like her find love again.

Widows or Widowers has several sister sights across the US, the UK, Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, and South Africa. They base their searches on common tastes, hobbies, and location so you’ll never find yourself meeting someone across the world from you. The site is designed for a gentle and easy experience. Everything is designed to help you ease back into dating after losing a loved one. They offer a secure environment for your personal details, an easy to use mobile app, and 24 hour caring customer service to improve the experience.

In addition to typical dating site features, Widows or Widowers produces frequent content on the subject of dating for those who have lost a spouse. They cover subjects like dating tips, how to tell if someone is interested in you, and how long a widow or widower should wait before entering the dating pool. These subjects can be touchy and difficult in this context, but Widows or Widowers does a great job at reminding everyone that we all move forward at a different pace. They work to be gentle and encouraging to hurt souls looking for a chance to move on. The atmosphere is supportive and friendly, and is a safe place for anyone thinking about dipping back in the dating pool.


Sitting in 5th place on our top 5 list, is While not a full dating service, offers honest and caring advice on a wide variety of subjects relating to recently losing a loved one. To improve user experiences, they have split the site into two different areas; dating and socializing, and resources for grief. There is also an associated blog on the site that covers more subjects in depth.

The grief resources is an excellent place for those newly widowed or widowered. coves every conceivable issue that may arise during the grieving process. It begins right at the onset of grief, and how to effectively manage the passing of your loved one. They cover how to manage the estate, how to deal with the funeral, and how to begin moving on with your family. Later in the process, they cover the importance of growing and moving on and how to order your life without your spouse. Their focus is to help users move on and grow in a new life of happiness.

The dating and socializing area helps widows and widowers get back on their feet after losing their spouse. gently reminds users how to speak to and interact with close family and friends, encouraging them to get out and discover what these relationships will be like without their spouse. Other sections provide dating tips, and advice on how to reenter the dating pool healthily. They go over how to reform relationships, and how to grow to love someone while still loving the lost.

Throughout their site, does a great job at reminding widows and widowers of the resources they already have at their disposal, and encourages them to take advantage of these.